F45 Challenge Meals

Welcome to our F45 Challenge Meal page! 

Every Monday the menu is updated with the following weeks meal options.
Orders need to be placed by midday Wednesday. Please no late orders as we purchase the ingredients that arvo and start cooking the next morning.
Deliveries are made the following Monday afternoon.
This schedule repeats every week of the Challenge.

How do I order?

All meals are sold individually, rather than in packs. This means you can select more or less of the meals you'd prefer. All lunches and dinners are interchangeable, as they have near identical nutritional values. 

Select from the options below, add them to your cart then proceed to checkout. 

Please note that you’re also welcome to order from our regular menu. All meals will be delivered at the same time.

What’s in the meals?

All meals are made as specified in the F45 nutrition plan. However occasionally we make changes, such as swapping out of season vegetables. Any modifications will be noted in the meal description.

When is the food delivered?

All challenge meals are delivered on Monday afternoon/evening in an insulated box. Your meals will stay frozen for 4-6 hours.

All meals are delivered frozen, except for fresh salad type dishes. This will be noted in the description also. 

Check out our highlighted Instagram story for photos of our previous challenge meals 💚