Custom Meal FAQ

How do I order?

First, select which type of protein source you would like from the custom meal page. Once you have done this you will be able to choose if you’d like to add a carb source and some green vegetables.

All weights for the protein and carbs are customizable, simply choose the amount you would like from the drop down below each option. You may also choose to omit either of these options.

Is there a minimum order?

As these meals are made to order, we require a minimum of 5 per batch.

For example, if you create a meal with 150g moroccan chicken, 200g roast sweet potato and green beans you must order a minimum of 5 of this type of meal.

You may still order any number of meals from our regular menu.

How much will my meal cost?

Each ingredient and their weights have different prices, therefore the total cost of each meal will be calculated as you make your selections.

Are the weights cooked or raw?


How long will delivery take?

As these meals are made to order, we require one week’s notice before your meals will be delivered.

Meals are delivered every Monday from midday onwards. The order cut off is Sunday 11:59pm the previous week. 

Are the meals fresh or frozen?

To ensure the longest shelf life possible we deliver our meals frozen. You may choose to defrost your meals, then which we recommend you consume them within 3 days. If left frozen the meals can last up to 6 months.



All of our custom meal options Nutritional Information is provided here, simply locate your meals protein, carb and vege options and see the macros displayed for each weight option along to top.