Tropical Chia Pudding
Tropical Chia Pudding

Tropical Chia Pudding

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We’ve shaved our coconuts ready for a tropical vacay 🌴 #beachbod

That classic chia crunch is soothed by smooth, creamy coconut and vanilla infused protein pudding. Atop we’ve arranged an array of fresh tropical delights: mango, passion fruit and chunky coconut, perfect for enjoying by the beach.  

If he doesn’t like our Tropical Chia, let that mango.

Servings per package: 1.00   
Serving size: 215g
quantity per
quantity per
100 g
Energy 1380 KJ 640 KJ
Protein 18.4 g 8.5 g
Fat total 20.5 g 9.6 g
saturated 12.2 g 5.6 g
Carbohydrates total 12.5 g 5.8 g
sugars 9.5 g 4.4 g
Sodium 92 mg 43 mg

Light Coconut Milk (Coconut Extract(75%), Water, Thickeners (466, 412), Emulsifier (435)), Chia Seeds, Fresh Mango, Whey Protein Concentrate (25%) (Ultra Filtered Whey Protein Concentrate), Flavouring, Sweetener (Sucralose)), Passionfruit Pulp, Shaved Coconut, Honey

Contains: Milk

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