How to Fit Food.

  • You Choose

    Pick your favourite meals from our weekly updated menu without any lock in contracts

  • We Deliver (or you pickup)

    Our team of meal prep maestros whip up your selection then pack and deliver the fresh meals straight to your door. Otherwise you can select to pickup during our open hours.

  • You Enjoy

    Dig into fulfilling and nutritious meals that taste way better than you’re expecting

Who is Fit Food.

Hey, we're Natalie and Conrad (and henry)

We started our little business back in 2018 with absolutely no idea of what we were doing. Now we’re a slightly less small business with slightly more of an idea of what we’re doing.

Natalie is so passionate about food that her favourite thing to do after cooking all day at work is to cook some more at home.

Conrad wishes he could master every skill in the world, but it’s his enthusiasm for building that has enabled us to create such a beautiful, purpose built factory. 

Over time, our skills have evolved and our vision for the business has grown but our passion for what we do has never changed.

We hope you all enjoy our food as much as we do, because we put so much love into every meal we make.

What is Fit Food.

It’s healthy food that doesn’t taste like healthy food. Everything is macro counted, pre-portioned, super convenient and actually delicious.

We're Proud Of Our Food.

That's why we show you exactly what you're buying. We're not hiding crap behind fancy labels and fake product photography.

Why Fit Food.

Not Aeroplane Food

We're a small team of four preparing food in a traditional home cooked style. We will always hand peel the sweet potatoes, chop the veggies and stir the pots. We’ve seen what the other big companies are churning out and it’s important to us that we keep the home style quality and flavour (hopefully even a little better).

Delivered Fresh

We prepare everything to order and deliver it fresh so you can enjoy our food how it's meant to be. Flavourful, texture-full and vibrant-full.

All of our meals have a minimum 10 day fridge life after delivery. This is due to our special sealing process which removes the oxygen that bacteria needs to survive.

New Food Every Week

Never get bored of eating the same thing. We add at least 2 new menu items every week, sometimes at the cost of Natalie’s sanity.
We strive every week to bring you the most bangin’, slappin’ and bussin’ meals that we can. We would never eat boring meal prep and our menu is a reflection of that. And yes, we eat our own food every week. 

Macro Counted

All of our meals are protein packed and full of veggies to ensure you're eating nutrient dense food that'll fill you up and taste great.

When is Fit Food.


To ensure the best quality possible, all of our ingredients are ordered Sunday evening ready for us to cook up a storm so you receive your meals at their freshest.

Please see our FAQ page for more info regarding pickup and delivery days.



Pickup from Fit Food.

unit 4/17 Raymond Ave, Bayswater

  • Order Online

    If you would like to save on delivery we welcome you to pickup from our factory. Due to all of our meals and snacks being made to order, you must place your order online before our cut off time of Sunday at 8pm. We're open for pickup on:

    Thursday 12pm-5pm
    Friday 10am - 4pm
    Saturday 10am - 2pm

  • Saturday Pop-up Shop

    If you've forgotten to order by the cut off or would like to just try a couple of meals before you place an order online, we're open to the public on Saturday. We generally have our full range in stock and have card and cash payment options available. Our pop-up is open on:

    Saturday 10am - 2pm

Fit Food Factory.

We’ve gone from hiring a church kitchen to building our own little kitchen in a caravan (like a food truck) parked at home. After saving all of our pennies, we purchased a big beautiful brick box. Many sleepless nights and stressful days later we finally have our dream facility. Built by us, the walls are literally embedded with our blood, sweat and so so many tears.

New Meals Every Week
Everything Made To Order
Delivered Fresh