Delivery Info


Where do you deliver?


Please use the search box below to check if we deliver to your postcode. 



When will my meals be delivered? 


All deliveries are made on Thursday or Friday from 11-7pm depending on your postcode. If the week contains a public holiday, please see our homepage for more info.


Please use the search box above to see which delivery zone you’re in.



Can I pick up my order? 


Yes. You're welcome to pickup during the following timeframes:


Thursday 12pm-5pm
Friday 10am - 4pm
Saturday 10am - 2pm
Orders must be placed online prior to Sunday at 8pm. Please select the 'Pickup' option at checkout.
Every Saturday between 10am and 2pm we also have a pop-up shop located at our factory, where you're able to purchase meals and snacks with card or cash. 
Our address is:
Unit 4/17 Raymond Ave, Bayswater
We're the front right hand unit of the building. There are 2 driveways, please enter using the righthand driveway. If you see a painted wall saying 'MI SCUSI', you're at the correct building but on the wrong side.




I live outside the delivery zone, can I still order? 


Unfortunately we do not deliver outside of the allocated delivery zones at this stage. 


If you place an order but live outside our delivery zone, we’ll contact you to either arrange a different drop off location or pick up from our factory. Failing that we will refund your order. 



Can I pay more to get my meals delivered outside of the delivery zone


No. Unfortunately it’s not a matter of delivery cost but actually about the amount of time it takes the delivery driver to get to your stop and then to their next one. We are looking to expand our delivery zone in the future.



When do I have to order by to receive my meals on Thursday or Friday?


All orders must be placed by Sunday 8pm to be eligible for Thursday or Friday delivery.



I missed the cut off time, can I please still get my meals delivered? 


No sorry, if you place an order after the cut off time your order will not be delivered on the upcoming Thursday or Friday. This is because all ingredients are ordered on Sunday evening and we will not be able to make any extra food. All orders placed after the cut off time will be delivered the following week. 


Every Saturday between 10am and 2pm we have a pop-up shop located at our factory, where you're able to purchase meals and snacks with card or cash. Please see our location on our homepage.



Do I need to be there for delivery? 


No you don’t, we'll leave the meals near your front door or in a safe location unless you leave us delivery instructions on the website cart page prior to check out. 


The meals will remain cold for approximately 8 hours and it is your duty to collect them during this time. You will receive an email or text when the delivery has been fulfilled. 



I live in an apartment, can I still order meals? 


Yes, however please let us know of any delivery instructions that our driver will need to know. If you live in a gated apartment complex please make sure we have an adequate place to leave your meals. If our driver can’t get in they will leave your meals in the safest location they can find. 


Please use the notes section on the cart page to let us know any delivery info. 



How much does delivery cost? 


We have a flat rate of $10 delivery for most postcodes. 


For postcodes (6038, 6036, 6030, 6122, 6074) on the outskirts of our delivery zone we offer a staggered delivery rate:

Orders up to $100 will incur a $30 delivery fee.
Orders up to $200 will incur a $20 delivery fee.
Orders over $200 will be charged the standard $10 delivery fee.



Can I return my delivery box? 


Yes, please leave your cardboard box, foil lining and ice packs out and we will retrieve them the next time we drop meals off. Please leave everything in the same spot or as close to where we left the last delivery. 



Can I recycle my delivery box?


Yes, all the packaging can be recycled in your yellow-lid recycling bins. However, we prefer that you put it out on our next delivery day so we can pick it up and reuse it.



Can I leave my old meal containers in the returned box? 


No thanks. Please recycle them in your yellow-lid recycling bins. 

Our Food 


How often does the menu change ? 


We try to add at least 2 new meals or snacks to the menu each week. 



My favourite meal just got taken off the menu, will it come back?


Potentially. We will bring back all of the most popular meals at some point in the future. It may be with some variation (swapping white rice for brown rice etc). Please let us know if you’d love to see anything in particular back on the menu!



Will my meals be fresh or frozen?


All of our meals come freshly made to order and sealed with nitrogen gas to ensure the food stays fresh for around 2 weeks.


Nitrogen is completely safe and makes up 78% of the earth's atmosphere. It helps to prevent microbial, enzymatic and physical deterioration of your meals in order to maintain the initial taste and quality.



How long will my meal last? 


If kept sealed, your meals should last for approximately 10-14 days in the fridge. Your meals will have a best before date printed on the nutrition label.



Can I freeze my meals? 


Most of our meals will be fine if you freeze them. Some meals such as salads should not be frozen. 


It will state on the website on each meal if it is suitable for freezing. 


Your meals will last up to 3 months in the freezer. 



How long do I reheat my meals for? 


Remove the film and microwave at 60% power level for 3-4 minutes. Check to see if your meal is heated thoroughly. If not, stir and microwave for a further 30 seconds to 1 minute. Let the meal stand for 2-3 minutes then enjoy.


If reheating from frozen, remove the film and microwave for 6-8 minutes at 60% power level. Check to see if your meal is heated thoroughly. If not, stir and microwave for a further 30 seconds to 1 minute. Let the meal stand for 2-3 minutes then enjoy. 


Please note that microwaves can vary and these times are just a recommendation. All meals should reach an internal temperature of at least 70 degrees celsius. 



Do you have gluten free options? 


All of our lunch and dinner meals are gluten free by ingredient. Some breakfast and snack items contain gluten, all of which are made on separate days to the lunch and dinner meals. 



Do you have vegetarian or vegan options? 


We do not currently offer vegetarian or vegan options. However, we are working on some new vegetarian menu items. 



What if I have allergies?


All allergy warnings are stated on the website under the ‘Nutrition Information’ tab of each meal. All ingredients are listed on each packaged meal. It is your responsibility to make correct choices in regards to allergies. 



Ordering and Payment  


Is there a minimum order? 


Yes, we have a minimum order amount of $60. 



Do I need to sign up to a contract? 


We have no lock in contracts. Order at your own pleasure, as often as you like. 



Do I have to make an account? 


We require everyone to make an account. This will occur before your final checkout. 



Why can’t I check out even though I have items in my cart? 


We have a minimum order of $60. Once $60 worth of product has been added to your cart the ‘checkout’ button will appear and you will be able to proceed through to payment. 


If using a discount code you must ensure that your cart still totals $60 AFTER the discount code has been applied. 



How do I pay? 


All payments can be made through our website. Once you have $60 worth of product in your cart you will be able to checkout. We accept payment via debit or credit card.