Where do you deliver?

We are based in Bassendean and currently deliver to most suburbs within a 30km radius of the Perth CBD. 

Fit Food Perth 30km Delivery Radius

We reserve the right to cancel and refund your order if live outside our delivery zone. However we will contact you to try and arrange an alternative drop off point prior to cancellation. 


When do I need to order?

The order cut off is Sunday 11:59pm.

However we're usually quite low on stock by the end of the week. It is best to order on Tuesday or Wednesday, when our stock levels are high. 


When will my meals be delivered?

Meals are delivered every Monday from midday onwards.


Do I need to be there for delivery?

No you don’t, we'll leave the meals near your front door unless you leave us delivery instructions in the text box prior to check out. The meals will remain frozen for approximately 4-6 hours and it is your duty to collect them during this time. You will receive an email when the delivery has been fulfilled.

If you find that your meals have thawed, we suggest that you don’t refreeze them, however we’ve found that our meals usually last much longer that 6 hours if they’re in the shade.


I have special delivery instructions, how can I let you know?

Click the link ‘Add special delivery instructions or notes’ and leave instructions in the box provided prior to checking out.


How much does delivery cost?

We have a flat rate of $10 delivery for all suburbs within our delivery area.


Can I return my delivery box?

Yes, if you leave your cardboard box, polystyrene insulation and ice packs out we will retrieve them on our next delivery day. Please leave everything in the same spot or as close to where we left the last delivery.


Can I recycle my delivery box?

Yes, all the packaging can be recycled in your yellow-lid recycling bins. However, we prefer that you put it out on our next delivery day so we can pick it up and reuse it.


Our Food

Will my meals be fresh or frozen?

Due to the quantity of meals being prepared we are only able to offer frozen meals at this time.


How long will my meal last?

Our meals last 3-4 months in the freezer from the initial date they were cooked. This date is printed on the labels of all our packaging. We try to keep a 2 week rotation on all of our products so they never get too old. 

Once thawed, consume within 2 days.


Do I have to thaw my meals before consumption?

No, your meals can be heated in a microwave either thawed or frozen.


How will my meals be packaged?

All meals will be packaged and delivered in plastic containers. The photos on our website are for illustration purposes only.


How long do I reheat my meals for?

If reheating from frozen, microwave for 2-3 minutes on HIGH then check to see if your meal is heated thoroughly. If not, microwave for a further 30 seconds to 1 minute.

If reheating from thawed, microwave for 1-2 minute on HIGH then check to see if it is heated through. If not, reheat for another 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Please note that microwaves can vary and these times are just a recommendation. All meals should reach an internal temperature of at least 70 degrees celsius.


Do you have gluten free options?

Yes we do! We provide a range of gluten free options, just check the ingredients listed on the website for all allergen information. 

Please note that we can not guarantee our products to be safe from cross contamination, however if the product states gluten free there will be no traces of gluten in any of the ingredients used. 


What if I have allergies?

All allergy warnings are stated on the website under the ‘Nutrition Information’ tab of each meal. All ingredients are listed on each packaged meal. It is your responsibility to make correct choices in regards to allergies.


Ordering and Payment  

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, we have a minimum order amount of $60.  


Do I need to sign up to a contract?

We have no lock in contracts. Order at your own pleasure, as often as you like.


Do I have to make an account?

We require everyone to make an account. This will occur before your final checkout.


Why can’t I checkout even though I have items in my cart?

We have a minimum order of $60. Once $60 worth of product has been added to your cart the ‘checkout’ button will appear and you will be able to proceed through to payment.


How do I pay?

All payments can be made through our website. Once you have $60 worth of product in your cart you will be able to checkout. We accept payment via debit or credit card as well as Paypal.