Blueberry Smoothie Bowl
Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

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Been feeling a little blue recently? Well let us cheer you up with this berry nice bowl.

Not-naughty-no-fat vanilla yoghurt sits lightly on a toasted bed of maple infused whole grain granola. Laid bare on top is an array of diced dates, walnuts, coconut, blueberries and of course a couple cheeky chopped choc chips.

You’ll be feeling udderly amazing after smashing this smoothie!

Servings per package: 1.00   
Serving size: 260g  
quantity per
quantity per
100 g
Energy 1190 KJ 457 KJ
Protein 12.7 g 4.9 g
Fat total 8.7 g 3.3 g
saturated 1.6 g 0.6 g
Carbohydrates total 34.8 g 13.4 g
sugars 20.2 g 7.8 g
Sodium 110 mg 42 mg

Low Fat Vanilla Yoghurt (Skim Milk, Milk Solids, Water, Polydextrose, Thickeners (Modified Starch, Locust Bean Gum), Gelatine, Natural Flavours, Sweeteners (Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose), Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate), Yoghurt Cultures: S.Thermophilus & L.Bulgaricus), Date Muesli (Whole Grains (65%) (Rolled Oats, Rolled Triticale), Seeds (10%) (Linseed, Buckwheat, Sunflower Seeds), Raw Sugar, Dates (6%) (Dates, Rice Flour), Glucose, Canola Oil, Almonds (3%), Maple Syrup (2.5%), Natural Flavour, Antioxidant (Vitamin E)), Blueberries, Dates, Walnuts, Dark Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier ( Soy Lecithin), Milk Solids. Contains Milk and Soy), Shredded Coconut.

Contains: Milk, Soy, Nuts (Walnuts, Almonds), Wheat

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