Supplements: Do you need them?

The simple answer to that question is no, everything your body needs can be derived from eating a diet of fresh, healthy and nutritious food. However, if you’re desiring particular results, they may be achieved with the help of a supplement. Here are some of the most popular supplements and their benefits.

Protein Powder

The most common form of protein to take as a supplement is whey protein, derived from milk. It is an effective supplement to use when trying to build lean muscle mass as protein primarily helps with muscle growth and repair.

Once you have figured out what your daily protein intake should be (see this article) you may find it is easier to achieve your protein requirements using a protein supplement. This may be because you find it difficult to eat enough protein as part of your diet, or you may prefer to add protein without the added calories.

Protein powder can be consumed on its own as part of a shake (with milk or water), in a smoothie or it can even be added to meals such as healthy pancakes or baked goods (this can be a great snack when meal prepping). Bulk Nutrients have a great selection of tasty flavours and different types of protein powders.

Pre Workout

The main reason people take pre workout is to get that extra kick before their training session. It will make you feel more energetic and alert due to a high dose of caffeine which can often prompt a more focused and intense workout.

However, as pre workout is a stimulant, it can cause negative reactions in some people, making their heart race and causing them to become shaky and potentially anxious. For these reasons it is important to test which pre workout is best for you and integrate it into your diet in a healthy and maintainable way.


This supplement is most commonly used by bodybuilders or people trying to build extra muscle mass and perform at their full potential.

But what does it do for your body, really? Creatine helps increase your energy levels, particularly for quick or intense movements which inevitably results in achieving a higher level of muscle mass. Creatine also aids in reducing recovery time, which allows you to intensify each workout and perform at maximum potential.

If you’re looking for that extra push (and a little extra pump) add creatine to your daily routine and see if it works for you.  

Fat Burners

Fat burners are designed to increase metabolism, give you energy and, of course increase the body’s ability to burn fat. They can be used as a tool to speed up the fat loss process when combined with a healthy diet and can be included as part of your weekly meal prep.

However, don’t think using a fat burner will allow you to slack off on your diet and exercise. To lose weight effectively, you must still be in a caloric deficit while staying fit and healthy.

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